5 Years of Miley

Posted on: 06/25/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“Yikes. Now she is getting crazy.”

“Miley? Knock knock… U still in there… (broken heart icon)”

“She’s trying way too hard and it’s embarrassing to watch.”

Those are the top three comments on Miley Cyrus’ new We Can’t Stop music video on iTunes today. Even many of her fans seem to have lost hope in her. I read 20 comments and less than half were good.

I can’t say I disagree with her “fans.” Miley is a young woman with enormous potential, but her standing as a role model for young girls is rapidly morphing from Hannah Montana to Lindsey Lohan. It’s been sad watching Miley’s moral decline over the past 5 years (scroll to the bottom of this post where I provide quick-links to Miley’s antics over the past 5 years).

It’s hard to even describe Miley’s new We Can’t Stop music video. USA TODAY’s Patrick Ryan says it  well:

“When she’s not twerking, spanking her pals or dry-humping the bed, the 20-year-old is seen dancing with teddy bears and making out with her Barbie doll alter-ego in the pool. Smoke billows from crotches, paint spills from hands and Miley continues to think that wearing sunglasses indoors is cool.”

Of course, none of these moments contain nudity or curse words… so the video is deemed “clean” by iTunes and YouTube. Check it out for yourself. After all… it’s “clean”:

As of right now, the song sits at No. 2 on iTunes songs, and No. 3 for music videos.

I miss the old Miley that my two girls used to watch years ago.

Let’s take a look at my blog posts about some of Miley’s moments over the years:

February 6, 2008 post– Miley’s show dominates #1 spot for kids, and Miley grows to be one of the biggest role models for young girls (my girls were 10 and 12 at the time), despite a few accusations of racy pics

February 28, 2008 post– Miley talks about her faith in her Barbara Walters interview after the Oscars

April 28, 2008 post– Annie Leibovitz takes seductive pictures of Miley for Vanity Fair. Miley apologizes to her fans. I provided discussion questions for parents about the incident.

August 5, 2008 post– I applaud Miley for turning down Katy Perry’s offer to kiss her at the Teen Choice Awards.

August 11, 2009 post– Miley dresses trampy and does her famous “pole dance” at the Teen Choice Awards.

November 5, 2009 post– Miley voted worst influence

December 12, 2009 music discussion– We post Party in the USA brand new music discussion

March 22, 2010 post– Miley’s very revealing PARADE interview

May 7, 2010 Youth Culture Window articleMiley or Britney… I Can’t Tell. Miley’s new Can’t Be Tamed music video is released.

May 14, 2010 post– Miley caught grinding with The Last Song director, and her dad Billy Ray says, “It’s what people her age do.”

November 16, 2010 post– ABC News special Too Sexy Too Soon reveals the harmful effects of our daughters being sexualized by role models like Miley today

February 18, 2011 post– Billy Ray shares regret how he raised Miley

February 22, 2011 post– Part II of my post about the Billy Ray interview, where he shares that he should have been a parent instead of a “friend” and should have said, “Enough is enough.”

June 3, 2012 post– I catch a little of the real Miley as I watch her star on MTV’s Punked.

June 10, 2013 post– I examine Miley’s new single, We Can’t Stop.

So what’s next for Miley?

8 Replies to “5 Years of Miley”

  1. Unfortunatly I think we all seen it coming. There are very few famous folks that are true good examples for youth today. That is why parents have got to be the example even more in youths lives today!

  2. i originally read the lyrics to the song before the video came out and i had a picture in my head of what the video would look like. Wow! Was I wrong. I thought the video would be bad but it destroyed my worst expectations! i expected a video with partying, guys/ girls dancing, a few teenagers grinding; but more upbeat and “fun” a la Katy Perry “Last Friday Night”. yeah, um… not so much. the video is flat out lewd. there is no other way to describe it. it was miley trying her hardest to be sexually provocative and erotic. while watching, i kept thinking, “Ewww, no Miley, no! you didn’t just do that?!” But, she did. I can’t imagine what Billy Ray is thinking right now. Poor guy. i bet he has an achy breaky heart right about now. I think miley will lose a lot of fans but hey she has 32 million views already on that video. if she wanted attention she got it. i see the end of the road she is on – heartache, disappointment and regret. hopefully she will figure it out before she loses too much. sad. just sad. i never thought i would say this but… i miss hanah montana.

  3. Just to add some realism to this whole thing, just because you see 20 comments on a post doesn’t mean a majority of her fans are pushing away from her. Known fact on the internet is that those who hate your product will make their voices heard over those who like it. And lots of times although that group might seem like a majority they are in fact the minority.

    Just saying.

    32 millions hits usually doesn’t mean that fans and parents are watching your video to see how far you’ve fallen, it means many people are watching your video. As for the video itself, it seems a lot of the hate is leaning toward it just not being a very good song or video and nothing to do with Hannah Montana having an image change. An image change which was bound to happen in order for her to compete in the music world and to distance herself from her Disney image. This is her job, and her job is to make money.

    1. I’ve been following the comments on this song since it was released, and by far this is the most criticism I’ve ever seen her receive from her fans. It’s just sad. It’s not that she isn’t talented… it’s that she’s trying so hard to make that money by selling out to some of the easy tricks (sexualization, shock value, etc.)

      1. True, but in the end this was the pretty obvious road she was gonna take. Especially given the music industry of today. Won’t help much if the next song is just as sexualized and it’s better recieved. But she’s in that part of her life where she’s gonna try new things, some that will work and some that won’t.

        What do you think she should do? Take into account that she’s an adult, has a famous dad, works in the music business where your popularity usually last about 3 years, and was a child actor.

  4. My 21 year old daughter saw the video and her comment was, ” I wonder what drugs she is on?” She thought it was an awful video (coming from a 21 year old college student who is no stranger to MTV) and Miley’s antics were gross. I keep thinking, about what her future in laws think. It that how I would want my future daughter-in-law to present herself, even if it is only”acting”? Ugh. Selena is probably not far behind, judging by her Come and Get it song.

  5. The sad reality is that Miley and Justin Beiber have previously proclaimed coming from a Christian home, but it is apparent that Christianity was probably spoken and not lived out in front of them. Because we all know what we do will speak far louder than our words and children will notice. Be a role model not in words but in what you do and above all pray for your children continually.

  6. I’m like, “Miley, please stop. Making out with a Barbie is not cool and cutting edge.” But instead she rolls around in a room where it is raining hot dogs. It is raining hot dogs…. That’s the time to take a long look at your image. It really is sad. I prayed for her.

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