Your Smartphone Obsessed Kids

Posted on: 05/31/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

52-Ways-to-Connect-MONEY-PRODUCTIt’s coming this month…

In fact, I’m getting early copies in two weeks, so I’ll be personally signing every single book you pre-order!

I’ve gotta confess: this book was such a fun project! It’s a combination of research and hands-on parenting experiences revealing the most effective venues and connection points that actually work for today’s parents who want to connect with their “over-connected” kids. It’s packed with practical stuff parents and caring adult mentors can use to engage in meaningful conversations!

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SNL Mocks Christian Films

Posted on: 05/24/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

SNL-mocks-christian-moviesSaturday Night Live (SNL) has been poking fun at Christians for years. The question I want to ask is: is there any validity to their jesting? Or more importantly, can we learn anything from it?

A few weeks ago SNL did a sketch mocking the film God’s Not Dead (and the sequel), mixed with the recent controversy about Christians refusing to provide services for gay weddings.

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Aidan for Vice President

Posted on: 05/17/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

AIDANLast week my brother Thom (pastor, dad, Star Wars nerd…) emailed me asking for ideas for his 10-year-old son Aidan’s Vice Presidential campaign at school. My brother is amazingly creative (many of you know him from his insightful Biblical discussions on the most recent seasons of The Gospel According to The Walking Dead blog… subscribe to those HERE), and sure enough, these presidential campaign ideas were hilarious!

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Dialoguing About Gender Identity

Posted on: 05/12/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

gender-issuesThere’s been a lot of buzz about gender identity recently, and young people are taking note. The question is… what are they resolving as true?

I stumbled on two very helpful resources in the past few weeks that provide really good information and provoke meaningful conversation. One is a video that simply makes you stop and think logically for a moment. The other is an extremely insightful statement to educators and legislators published by The American College of Pediatricians that looks at gender ideology medically and scientifically.

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Which cover do you like best?

Posted on: 05/9/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Take a second and use our comments feature below to tell me which book cover you like best: A, B, or C? (I’m finishing writing this book now- it will be on the shelves in 2017.)

  • Which one would you be most inclined to buy?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Anything you don’t like? (Don’t force a criticism… just let us know if anything initially struck you weird.)

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At what age should I let my kid have a phone?

Posted on: 05/3/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee hear the question at every parenting workshop I teach. It comes in many forms:

“How young is too young for my kids to have their own phone?”

“I didn’t get my kid a phone… I just got them an iPad. Is that dangerous?”

“My 11-year-old daughter wants an Instagram account. Should I let her?

“What age should I let them have access to all of this stuff?!!”

Let me give you the quick answer: 13-years-old.

It’s a question I have to keep answering again and again for parents. So let me show you a few places where it’s been addressed in detail lately.

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