Texting and social media “may not be enough”

Posted on: 04/27/20 3:22 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week Common Sense Media released the results of their most recent teen survey…during this Coronavirus epidemic… asking teens not only about screen-time, but their feelings and fears through all this.

The two numbers that jumped out at me the most were these:

  • 48% say they feel less connected than usual with their friends right now.

Common sense suggests that even though Continue reading “Texting and social media “may not be enough””

The unedited list of the top 10 books I’ve ever read

Posted on: 04/21/20 1:33 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week a Christian radio network asked me to provide them with  a little glimpse into my personal life, specifically the top 10 books I’ve enjoyed reading.

My first response was laughter…because my wife Lori always teases me how I don’t want to read at night. I always tell her, “Baby, after reading studies all day and writing…the LAST thing I want to do at night is more reading.”

But she loves reading, so we’ve compromised and I’ve found that I can relax if I Continue reading “The unedited list of the top 10 books I’ve ever read”

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Talking with Focus about Families Stuck at Home Together

Posted on: 04/17/20 12:17 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Today I’ll be on Focus on the Family’s Daily Broadcast talking about what families can do while stuck home together. Focus President Jim Daly and I talk about some specific ways moms and dads can be proactive about helping their kids through these strange times.

If you turn on your radio to your nearest Christian radio station that plays the daily Focus Broadcast, you’ll hear the conversation (and you can look up which station HERE). Or you can stream the broadcast Continue reading “Talking with Focus about Families Stuck at Home Together”

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Getting Fatter by the Day

Posted on: 04/13/20 5:46 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Do you know what research I’d love to see? How much weight everyone is gaining during this pandemic.

Maybe it’s just me, but all this time being sequestered in my house… I’m eating! Not just my wife’s delicious banana cream pie she made us all for Easter (oh man, that was good!), but carbs upon carbs every day.

Perhaps these are just coping mechanisms. After all, our world is seeing a surge in depression, domestic violence…all results of people being cooped up. Lori and I aren’t fighting more, we’re just Continue reading “Getting Fatter by the Day”

Don’t kill your congregation

Posted on: 04/2/20 7:38 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Dare I write, don’t be an idiot.

It’s scriptural.

Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world. (I Peter 2: 12)

What does “honorable behavior” mean during these times? 

It means don’t be the fool who still insists churches keep meeting together during the Coronavirus when Continue reading “Don’t kill your congregation”