Which Title Do You Like?

Posted on: 07/16/11 9:42 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I want your opinion!

(Okay… I know this is a Saturday, but I figure that some of you can chime in on Monday when you get around to it.)

I’m working on the script for a DVD curriculum for YS/Zondervan. It’s a video training that will be sort of a student version of my Do They Run When They See You Coming? book that won the outreach award a few years back. Basically, training young people to reach out to their friends without scaring them away. Evangelism 101 for students, if you will.

I’m brainstorming titles and wondered what you thought. First thought was to keep the Do They Run When They See You Coming? title. But I didn’t think that students would necessarily identify with that. Plus, this curriculum will have a student book that comes along with it and I don’t want it to be something that they’d be embarrassed to have on their desk at school, etc.

So here’s a couple thoughts. I’m really favoring the main title THE REASON. I’m picturing a book where in faded print you could see part of the theme verse, I Peter 3:15 and 16, with the words “the reason” standing out. 

Maybe something like this:  (this is just my quick mock up- I’m sure it would look much better)

But with all books, we need to consider several titles. So here’s some thoughts. Which do you like? Or any other ideas?

The Reason
Give the Reason
As You Are Going… (using the Great Commission theme)
Teenagers Reaching Teenagers

Reaching Out to Your Friends without Scaring ‘Em Away
Reaching Out to Your Friends without Scaring ‘Em
An Authentic Faith Opening Doors to Authentic Conversations
Sharing Hope with Your Friends without Scaring ‘Em

Thoughts??? I’d love your feedback so I can pass it on to the marketing team. Use this blog’s COMMENT feature so we all can read your thoughts.

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17 Replies to “Which Title Do You Like?”

  1. I cannot wait for this. I really like the one you have. I think you’re right about wanting it to look good on their desk and not culty. I know this is not an option but what if the title were “an answer”. Make it just like your example above but “an answer” is big instead of “the reason. “. Subtitle “a non-scary way to answer your friend’s only question that matters.”. Wordy enough? We’re brainstorming here.

  2. On second thought, the reason is way better. Don’t you dare touch it. The “do they run” cover isvawesome because of the subtle “freaked out look” on the lady’s face. It’s the look I have when trying to Segway (sp) from kids listening to lil’ Wayne to a prayer time.

  3. I like “The Reason” with subtitle “An Authentic Faith Opening Doors to Authentic Conversations”

  4. How about iReach? Could catch the attention of the iPod generation.
    Possible subtitle could be
    Helping Others See the Love of Christ without Pushing Them Away
    or, using more of the words in the verse . . .
    Answering Questions about your Hope in Christ without Scaring People Away

  5. regardless to what you call it.. PLEASE for the love of all things holy don’t use ‘Em in the subtitle.. it sounds like you’re trying to hard to be hip… just use the word “them”

  6. I like “As You Are Going…” with the subtitle “Reaching Out to Your Friends without Scaring ‘Em Away” except I would say them instead of ’em.

  7. I like it but I agree that you should use the word them and not the shortened “’em”. I also think the word pushing is much more fitting to use so that it reads “Reaching out to your friends without pushing them away.”

  8. I agree with the other comments about keeping it the same. Change “em” to them. Otherwise, I think it will attract students without making THEM scared to keep it on their desk.

  9. Ha… good comments about the “em.” I never even notice that I used it… that’s just the way it rolled out. I think I will definitely kill that. Funny.

  10. I like it the way it is since it’s within the verse. I do really like the phrase Authentic Conversations also.

  11. I like the idea tht you share. It is attractive Nd revealing of what you will be covering at the same time. It avoids the cheesy factor as well.

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