Video Interview About Student Leadership

Posted on: 07/18/11 2:01 PM | by Jonathan McKee

A month or so ago I was interviewed by a pretty tech-savy young youth worker named Robbie Mackenzie– a fun conversation. Robbie had read my book, Ministry by Teenagers, and had some questions about developing teenagers who want to grow and serve. He interviewed me via Skype (pretty cool), asking me about teenagers doing ministry, growing in their faith, and what that actually looks like.

Here’s a few of his questions: 

  1. Why do we even need teenage leadership?
  2. What are some snares that Satan throws at student leaders?
  3. Training is so important. How do you do that with teenagers?
  4. What are some other resources that can help youth leaders out when it comes to helping kids grow in their faith and start doing ministry?
  5. Let’s say I’m a newbie at youth ministry and I don’t know what to do at all. What one thing would you tell them?

Here’s the video. (By the end of the video, are you as intrigued as I am watching my hyperactive foot? Wow!!!)

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  1. Is my foot on drugs during the second half of this video? Do I really do that? (My wife says, yes- I do that all the time)

    I guess I should stop doing sit-down interviews.

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