Generation WE

Posted on: 10/28/08 2:14 PM | by Jonathan McKee

They have many names: Gen Y, Millennials, Generation @…

CEOs describe them as the toughest generation to manage. Others call them “teacups,” fragile, with drama at every turn.

All true. But in my recent book THE NEW BREED, I labeled them “the best volunteer you’ll ever have.”

Generation WE author Eric Greenberg is also optimistic about this generation. He describes them as “fed up with partisan politics.” He goes on to describe them as “socially tolerant, environmentally conscious, and peace loving. They volunteer in record numbers. They’re technologically brilliant and politically engaged.”

The term “Generation WE” has gone viral with this new YouTube video (ht to Anastasia) bragging over 700,000 views… a good glimpse of what this generation looks like.

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  1. The more things change the more they stay the same?? I would suggest that, while poignant, this video is a reminder of the thought processes of the 60’s and 70’s. Not that this is a bad thing…just that we may not be as unique in our perspectives as we believe we are…ironic no?

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