Soulja Boy’s Swag is… What?

Posted on: 10/29/08 10:21 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Soulja Boy is back with a new dance. If you don’t recognize his name… your kids do. In the Fall of 2007, Soulja Boy’s song Crank That (The “Superman” song) dominated the charts, holding the #1 spot for eternity. But his song isn’t what launched Soulja Boy… it was his dance.

Kids in elementary schools across the country were learning the “Superman” dance. My own daughter came home from junior high school last year informing me that it was required learning for P.E. (nice). But then people started figuring out what this “Superman” song actually meant. (which is funny… because I guess the fact that he was calling girls “bitches” and “ho’s” wasn’t enough to upset people initially)

Now Soulja Boy is back with a new song and a new dance. This time he isn’t talking foul or objectifying women… he just kindly wants to let us know how much money he made doing it (hence the footage of him blowing his nose into hundred dollar bills, holding up wads of cash, and flaunting buckets of hundreds). Take a peek for yourself.

(Is anyone else wondering how this guy ever got popular???? Wow! Our taste in music has hit a new low! I’m not even talking about lyrics… I’m talking about “singing offkey.” Can you imagine this guy at an American Idol tryout!)

In case you missed it… here’s some of these lyrics:

i got a question why they hattin on me,
i got a question why they hattin on me
i aint did nuthin to em, but count this money
and put my team on, now my whole clic stunnin
boy wassup, yeeeea
boy wassup, yeeeea

when i was 9 years old, i put it in ma head
that ima die for this gold
(soulja boy tellem)
boy wassup, yeeeea
hopped up off tha bed
turn ma swag on
took a look in tha mirror said wassup
yeeeeea im gettin money (ooh) x2

In this MTV article (or you can watch their MTV News video) he tips his hand about his goals with this new song:

It’s just showing all my success from my first album. The first chapter of Soulja Boy in the music industry. I went platinum, 5 million ringtones. A whole lot of records I broke. It’s a lifestyle record. Speaking on my success, showing how my life changed since I became a celebrity. It’s basically saying, ‘I’m back.’

It will be interesting to see what kids think when they listen to this song and see this video? (because they ARE listening) It’s the same message they’ve been hearing recently from T.I.’s Whatever You Like. “Money brings happiness.” Maybe that’s what they want to hear.


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