HSM3 Hype

Posted on: 10/27/08 9:19 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Zac and Venessa are back… and tweens everywhere are screaming in delight as Mommy and Daddy drop them off at the movie theatre to see the newest addition to the High School Musical series.

I guess those tweens DO have big influence over their parents’ spending power, because HSM3 (much easier to type than High School Musical Three) broke records this weekends at the box office. At $42 million this weekend alone, HSM3 scored best-ever opening for a musical. Not bad.

I sent our movie review guru Todd Pearage to see it this last weekend to give you his 2 cents. I love his opening words in that review:

Tweeners rejoice…you have a clean, high-quality musical; unfortunately I’m not a tween.

Todd goes on to give it a good rating for kids, but a serious ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz for adults. I love his analogy of why reviewing this film was a struggle:

Recently my 10 year old daughter challenged me to an arm wrestling match in front of some of my jr. high guys. What a dilemma – if I lose to a 10 year old girl, I’ll be made fun of without mercy, on the other hand, if I win I’m a jerk for beating my own daughter. I’m facing the same dilemma writing a review for the most popular kid’s musical in history. But I’ll try to be as honest as I can and as nice as possible.

Grab that whole review here.

Our own David R. Smith gives us a deeper glimpse at the whole High School Musical phenomenon in this week’s Youth Culture Window article.

I guess I’ll never be bummed when our tweens are excited about a G-rated movie. Whodathunkit?!!