Connecting With Kids Free Training

Posted on: 11/16/09 11:23 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This weekend I’m going to show youth leaders how to train their own adult leaders to connect with students… and I’m going to do this training using the exact same free ppt that we’re giving away on our website (we’re giving away a free ppt training to anyone who pre-orders my new book, CONNECT, from our web site.) I’m doing this at the Youth Specialties National Youth Worker’s Convention in Atlanta.

For those youth workers who haven’t been to this CONNECT workshop and can’t attend in Atlanta… no worries. You can still get the training. I provide the entire training exercise in my new book in chapter 14, and the free ppt we are giving away corresponds exactly with that training.

I’m really excited about this CONNECT seminar at the convention this weekend—it’s a fun workshop. After teaching everyone about the six types of kids we’ll encounter, I hand each adult leader a pile of sticky-notes and have them write the names of the kids they want to connect with, one name per sticky note. Then I have each person come place the sticky note on my “Six Types of Students” chart on the wall. This “spiritual inventory” exercise is always eye-opening and lays the groundwork for spiritual growth in ministries. I’m looking forward to the workshop! Fun stuff!

The timing of the workshop is a little bizarre in relation to the corresponding book release. Allow me to vent for a quick moment: I’m teaching this workshop this coming Sunday. Literally, as I teach this seminar, my CONNECT books will be being printed (by Zondervan/Youth Specialties) and will probably be shipped to me just days after we get back from this Youth Specialties event. I don’t want to criticize my publisher now… but I’m not sure they were thinking too clearly on this one. They could have printed the books one week earlier and had it available at the event… an event that historically brings out about 5,000 youth workers.

Regardless… I’ll be getting the books in just a couple weeks now, so those of you that pre-order them will be seeing them early December (a month earlier than you’ll get them anywhere else) in addition to the free Powerpoint training we are giving away.

I always enjoy teaching at the National Youth Workers Convention. This year I’ll be teaching two workshops:

Hope to see some of you there!