Violent Soccer Women

Posted on: 11/17/09 9:26 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… I was traveling in LA two weekends ago and saw this on CNN in the airport. I meant to blog about it last week, but there was just too much to blog about. But I gotta show you this.

If you haven’t seen it by now, this footage exploded on the internet. It’s a womens soccer game between BYU and New Mexico. UNM player Elizabeth Lambert got out of control!

Take a peek: (watch it from the beginning through 1:40)

Oh Snap!

For those of you that aren’t soccer players… let me assure you, soccer is a rough sport. But these were cheap shots.

My youngest daughter plays in a select soccer league, and last weekend (I was traveling again… sniff, sniff), my wife told me that my little Ashley threw a couple stiff-arms. She was next to a player twice her size and was getting shoved… Ashley’s arm instinctively came up (she knows better- body contact is okay when going for the ball. But pushing with your arm can get you a yellow card).

As a huge soccer fan, I regularly see a ton of this in the Premier League. But this footage of Lambert was across the line. I found this additional report from across the pond pretty interesting, discussing some of the after-effects of it all.


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