Top 10 Posts of 2016

Posted on: 12/13/16 4:00 AM | by Jonathan McKee

top-10-Jonathan McKee postsIt’s been a fun year on this blog. We’ve had a bunch of exciting contests and giveaways, not to mention… this blog grabbed the No. 12 spot in the most recent TOP 30 YOUTH MINISTRY BLOGS from Good times!

I pulled up my stats and looked at the top 10 posts you guys trafficked this year… some really good ones.

Here’s what you liked the most:

10. Trump, The P-word, and Hypocrites


9. Three steps preventing bullying and gossip


8. At what age should I let me kid have a phone?

7. Five Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch with Your Teens & Tweens


6. What Christian music do today’s kids actually like?


5. Which cover do you like best?


4. Why STDs are at an unprecedented high


3. Dialoguing about Gender Identity


2. Mom, can I have Snapchat?


1. The Limp Truth about Porn

Time Magazine porn cover

And here are some of the 2016 articles from that drew good traffic:

Am I Really Supposed to Tell My 8-year-old About Sex?, by Jonathan McKee (2/16/2016)

Are SmartPhones & Social Media Too
Dangerous for My Kids?
, by Jonathan McKee (3/14/2016)

Overparenting… Underparenting, by Jonathan McKee (10/20/2016)

And here are some of the 2016 Youth Culture Window articles that drew good traffic:

Who Needs Truth? 2016’s Word of the Year Will Impact Decades to Come, by Jonathan McKee and David R. Smith (12/2/2016)

Kids in the Mist, How Is Vaping’s Growing Popularity Impacting Teens? by David R. Smith (8/11/2016)

Sexpectations, “The Talk” Our Kids Hear Every Day, by Jonathan McKee (1/20/2016)

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