Teaching kids to think about their media decisions

Posted on: 01/27/20 1:16 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I just posted Episode 19 of our fun little “Parent Tips” podcast… and you won’t want to miss this one.

I recorded this episode at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago when I was with the Plugged In team recording some episodes of their “Plugged In Show” (another podcast show I’m a part of… I’ll probably post more about this very soon). And honestly, I’ve been enjoying their perspective so much that I decided to interview them and ask them some direct questions like:

Plugged In used to be a place where parents almost looked for a simple YES or NO whether or not to watch a movie or TV show…but recently you’ve evolved to become something much more? How is it that you help parents teach their kids to actually think about their daily media choices?

Tell me how ‘interaction’ with your own kids about media looks like in your home.

It’s a really fun episode and you’ll love what they have to say!

Take a peek HERE.