They are just so… SKINNY!

Posted on: 06/11/15 5:44 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Soooo-skinnyLast week a brand new set of books hit the shelves that are SO SKINNY…. any youth worker can read them!

Yeah, even that one intern!

Group Publishing had a creative idea of grabbing 6 authors on 6 vital youth ministry subjects. I was blessed to be one of those authors—writing “The Skinny on Volunteers.” Then Mark Oestreicher wrote “The Skinny on Parents,” Greg Stier wrote “The Skinny on Outreach”… and the list continues.

This is an extremely practical little youth ministry set that I think we’ll eventually see on every youth worker’s shelf.

We’ve got the sets in stock right now and discounted them 20% HERE! Let me know what you think.

One Reply to “They are just so… SKINNY!”

  1. Is “The Skinny on Volunteering” the book that I helped review some time ago? If so, I was to remind you to send me a copy. It was a great read. Maybe I should just order the whole set since I am sure the other books are great, too.


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