Loving Jurassic World

Posted on: 06/17/15 3:38 PM | by Jonathan McKee

JurassicWorldQuality movies have been difficult to find of late. I’m a big “movie buff” and lately I actually find myself going to the theatre less and less, not because of time or money… but because of lack of selection.

Enter Jurassic World stage left.

I was interested in this one from the first preview. Maybe it’s because I remember the feeling sitting in the theatre next to my wife in 1993 and seeing those dinosaurs looking so lifelike I felt like I was truly visiting Jurassic Park.

Then the disappointing sequels.

Then a decade without dinosaurs… and then… out of the blue came Jurassic World!

Reading about the film, I saw they had casted Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jake Johnson.

My anticipation grew!

Sometimes it’s dangerous to set your expectations so high. In the case of Jurassic World it didn’t matter. The film was enjoyable on so many levels.

My family saw it together and we all loved it! It’s definitely our favorite of the year… maybe even the last few years (some of you shared your favorites a couple months ago). It’s a film you’ll definitely want to see in the theatre.

Todd and I just posted our official review on our Movie Reviews & Quick Q’s page, along with discussion questions and scripture. I encourage you to take a peek!

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