Posted on: 12/8/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Most-Popular-Word-2015Honestly, if I were to choose the word for this year, it would be “honestly.”

It’s been building momentum for years, but honestly, this year it seems to have hit dynamic equilibrium. The word has reached its maximum capacity. Honestly, this young generation couldn’t possibly use it more than they already do (It’s hardly even noticeable when I overuse the word, isn’t it? Some of you are thinking, “Honestly, it is.”)

Think about it. Teenagers today can’t answer a question without saying the word “honestly.” Try it. Go ask a teenager a personal question.

“Taylor, what do you think of my shirt today?”

10 bucks says I know the first word out of Taylor’s mouth!

Okay, okay. I realize that they might not use it in every sentence. But I challenge you—engage a teenager in a conversation asking their opinion about anything and then count how many times you hear the word “honesty” surface.

“Who would you vote for if you were to have to choose a candidate for president today?”

I can hear the responses now:

“Honestly, I saw Trump on Saturday Night Live, and…”

“Honestly, I think that Hilary Clinton…”

“Honestly, I really haven’t been paying attention…”

I always want to reply, “Wait, so this time you’re being honest? What were you just a moment ago?”

They even say it about stuff that isn’t even important.

“Ashley. Where is my cereal?”

“Honestly, I haven’t seen it.”

What does she think I’m going to say? “Liar!!! I know you hid my Cocoa Puffs!”

Where did the overuse of this word come from?

Honestly, I think it came from…

One Reply to “Honestly”

  1. .. from the pervasiveness of dishonesty in the present society and the efforts of teenagers not to be caught up in it… or effort to free themselves..
    other places, its “Seriously, I don’t know where it is…”

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