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Posted on: 05/31/12 9:24 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Yeah…some of my Twitter followers probably remembering me Tweeting about this upcoming book. I signed a contract with Zondervan right around the time my eye got infected, then have been pounding the keys a little here and there with someone else’s help…someone who is going to bring an amazing element to this book: my dad!

The book is MORE 10-Minute Talks, a book that people have been asking me for ever since I released 10-Minute Talks a few years ago. If you own that previous book, I encourage you to open up the front cover to the Acknowledgements. You’ll see this:

“My dad deserves more than just an acknowledgement in this book– his name should probably be on the cover with mine.”

Well… it’s official. He’s on the cover of this upcoming one. My dad and I have been working together gathering captivating stories for this book and matching them with corresponding Biblical application and discussion questions. If you liked the first book, you’re gonna really enjoy this one.

I’m really excited to be working with my dad on this one. Those who use his website or have read THE NEW BREED, the book that my dad and I co-authored, are already fans of his. This will be the second book that we’ve officially co-authored together. Really fun!

Here’s the cover! (I think that the plan is for this book to release this fall when I teach my “Speaking to a Generation with a Short Attention Span” workshop at the National Youth Workers Conventions. We just gotta finish writing it in the next 30 days!)

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  1. Eager Beaver am I to get my copy of this book ~ the first 24 are great [still recycle some of them, and 1 or 2 are still not used] i can only wait to see how the increased speaking engagements and practise has improved Jon’s skill; I anticipate this book wil be excellent.
    Duffy Robbins reads McKee when he needs inspration 🙂

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