So I Turned On MTV…

Posted on: 06/3/12 8:15 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Tonight is the first time I’ve turned on MTV this year. I typically only watch the channel a couple times a year. Tonight was one of those times so I could write my annual MTV Movie Awards article.

The MTV network is a powerful voice in the lives of young people. I won’t rehash all the statistics, I blogged about this in detail earlier this week.

The MTV Movie Awards has a pre-show, so let me extend to you my own form of a pre-show. Here’s a glimpse inside my head (yes, a scary place) as I sat down to watch MTV this evening.

Jonathan’s MTV Movie Awards Article Pre-Show
I had just finished teaching a workshop to a bunch of volunteer managers in Cleveland and made my way back to my hotel room, tired, hungry and less than excited to have to watch the MTV Movie Awards. I stopped by Taco Bell and ordered a Chicken Soft Taco (I have very high culinary standards).

I didn’t even know what time the show was gonna air on the East Coast so I just turned on MTV about 6ish. The show Punk’d was on and Miley Cyrus was pranking some friends like Kelly Osbourne, Liam Hemsworth and Khloe Kardashian.

Punk’d, as a show, is pretty creative and funny. It’s GEN Y’s version of Candid Camera. But it’s hard to even express my disappointment in Miley. After watching her in action for the entire episode, it was pretty clear that she’s really lost. We really need to pray for Miley.

One of the more depressing elements of watching MTV is always the commercials. My Twitter followers saw me tweet about this commercial… what the heck does that have to do with fat burning? A great reminder that this channel is a sell out.

Saw several commercials for Real World St. Thomas, MTV’s new depraved reality show with the slogan, “Paradise Can Be Hell.” Looks like more of the same from the network.

I ended up seeing about two hours of Punk’d. I was really torn. I planned on doing some work while waiting for the Awards to start, but I found myself pretty entertained by the show. It had me conflicted. There were some creative moments (like when Bieber pranked Taylor Swift), but overall, I’m really glad that I just block this channel in my house.

Then the Movie Awards show finally started, hosted by Russell Brand. I’m writing my two cents about the show right now. We’ll post it tomorrow (Monday) mid-day on our Youth Culture Window page, appearing on the front pages of both and Be sure to check out that article and post your comments.

4 Replies to “So I Turned On MTV…”

  1. jon,
    i always look forward to reading your MTV movie awards review. first because it’s thorough, relevent and keeps me from being out of touch with this generation and second because it saves me from having to watch it! I, like yourself, seldom watch the network; however, lately my teens have discovered rob dyrdek’s show ‘fantasy factory’ and with skepticism i sat down and watched it with them. i was surprised to find the show clean (mostly), and even humorous, (but then the commercials came on). for now it is a show that they can watch with limitations (mom or dad has to be present). punk’d is definitely much more racy and you can forget about rob dyrdek’s other show ‘ridiculousness’. i sat down to watch that show and it started out with some hilarious videos but for some reason had to show videos that were ‘ridicuous’ and sexually explicit. too bad – it had potential.
    thanks and i look forward to the review.

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