Most Popular Posts of 2017

Posted on: 12/26/17 3:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I can’t always predict which of my articles will resonate with you all as readers—some of these caught me by surprise. But here are the top 10 trafficked blog posts you guys read this year. (Can you guess which one was No. 1?)

10. Here’s my sex talk
A complete script of my newest sex talk to young people

9. The rise of the non-believing Millennial
Pew Research provides a current breakdown of faith among today’s generations

8. Teen summer bucket list goes viral
A glimpse at a teens summer bucket list and what it reveals about our culture

7. Where kids actually adopt their values
In a world where kids are exposed to an increasing amount of lies, how can we teach truth?

6. Porn in plain sight
Dissecting Snapchat stories

5. Why 13 Reasons Why
Should our kids be watching this?

4. Does sexy music really affect me?
A sober glimpse at the top 10 songs and the latest research answering, “Does the music really affect me?”

3. Talking with our kids about Katy Perry
How can we talk with our kids about what they’re hearing from today’s music?

2. New sexually explicit cartoon on Netflix
How can we respond reasonably to this sexually explicit show just a click away on my kids’ devices?

1. Mom, is Chance the Rapper a Christian?
How should Christians respond when they hear Chance leading worship at the Grammy’s one moment, then dropping the f-bomb and rapping about drinking and smoking weed the next?

And here are three honorable mentions that almost made the list:

Is Snapchat and Snapmaps safe?
Examining whether parents should allow their kids to use the No. 1 app kids want to use!

Answering questions from today’s parentsanswering the top 30 questions today’s parents are asking about their kids interaction with social media and technology

Is abstinence-only education really ineffective?
Were The Journal of Adolescent Health’s assertions correct?