Evangelism… a Tool for Spiritual Growth?

Posted on: 03/18/12 1:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

We’re smack in the middle of a contest where we’re talking about the importance of equipping young people to articulate their faith, and we’re giving away a free 7-session DVD evangelism curriculum.

Evangelism and spiritual growth are the topics at hand. With that in mind, let me ask, “How do you think adults should help young people grow spiritually and own their own faith?”

That’s what I asked my good friend Greg Stier, author, evangelist, and president of Dare2Share.org.  I respect Greg immensely. If you know Greg… he’s the real deal. He lives an authentic faith that opens the door to real conversations about Christ.

Greg and I were talking about the large number of young people that walk away from their faith. It’s something the youth ministry world has been blogging and debating about for years now, and everyone seems to have a theory. I was curious what Greg’s thoughts were on the matter. So I asked him what he thought the solution was. His answer didn’t surprise me:


He didn’t stop with a one-word answer. “If you want a kid to own their faith to the point that it becomes real, teach a kid how to live out their faith and share it with others.”

I chuckled at myself for even asking him the question. “I guess I should have known that you would have answered, evangelism.”

“Well think about it,” he clarified. “Evangelism accomplishes everything we’re looking for.”

He went through his reasoning like bullet points:

  • “We want teenagers to live out their faith. Evangelism requires them to practice what they preach. Nothing motivates young people to live a more authentic life than knowing that they’re being watched and evaluated by their friends.“
  • “We want teenagers to get into scripture. Nothing motivates kids to get into the word more than a friend asking them tough questions that drive them to the Bible for answers.”
  • “We want teenagers to depend on the Holy Spirit. Evangelism would drive C.S. Lewis to rely on the Spirit for help.”

“Evangelism helps young people depend on God like they never have before.”

Greg’s newest evangelism curriculum, Life in 6 Words, a 7-session DVD training helps young people dive into the theology of the Gospel so they can share it simply and authentically.

We’re giving away one of these curriculum right now in our little contest- SEE HERE.

What about you? Do you agree with Greg? Has evangelism catalyzed growth in your kids?

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  1. I have always enjoyed the the D2S curriculum. I use their stuff all the time, and find that the youth really connect with it!

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