Another Little Contest

Posted on: 03/15/12 8:59 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s time to give something away! So let’s have ourselves a little contest, and the prize will be… a free evangelism training curriculum!


Evangelism. It’s a pretty intimidating concept. If we’re honest with ourselves, many of us are scared even with the mention of the word evangelism. It’s that thing we’re supposed to do, but find it so awkward to fit into everyday life.

So how are we supposed to equip our kids to do it?

For the next few weeks I’ll be giving away some great resources to help you “help young people” share their faith. I’ll be blogging about it and we’ll be giving away books, curriculum, and DVD sessions to help you with this daunting task.

Let’s start by offering youth workers an amazing new resource from, their brand new 7 Session DVD evangelism curriculum, Life in 6 Words.

Dare2Share offers this full curriculum for sale for $79.99 on their web site. I’m going to give away one of those full curriculum to one of you in the next few days through our little contest (details below). In addition, Dare2Share has provided an exclusive link for all of you where you can get a free download of their first session of the video, leaders guide and student guide. Be sure to check out this amazing free download.

OUR CONTEST—Here’s how to enter to win a free copy of Life in 6 Words:
Jump on and access the FREE TRAINING TOOLS page from the ARTICLES & FREE TRAINING dropdown menu at the top of the website. Once on the FREE TRAINING TOOLS page, choose, HELP ME. This page provides you with a gold mine of FREE training articles that help you develop your youth ministry skills, anything from leading small groups to planning a youth ministry budget to reaching out to unchurched teenagers. Each of these articles has easy links at the top and bottom of the article to Like, Tweet or +1. Each article also has the ability to comment and rate it one to five stars.

The contest is simple: Like, Tweet (create your own tweets if you like, just include @InJonathansHead), +1, comment, or rate any of these articles and you are entered into the contest. Each time you do any of these actions, your name is thrown in the hopper. The more you Like, share and comment, the better chance you have at winning. (We just ask one simple favor, please don’t rate or comment unless you read the whole article. Violators will be publicly flogged!)

Get to it… we’ll announce winners next week!

THE WINNER: Thanks for all your Likes, comments, tweets and shares! We chose the winner, and it’s one of my Tweet followers, @TifLovesJesus! You win Greg’s new curriculum!

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  1. Hey, a chance to win a great prize by using the best resource on the web.I “LIKE” it!

  2. My husband and I just became youth pastor, and need some help , in reseaching I came across the website and love all the info, Thanks

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