Getting Fatter by the Day

Posted on: 04/13/20 5:46 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Do you know what research I’d love to see? How much weight everyone is gaining during this pandemic.

Maybe it’s just me, but all this time being sequestered in my house… I’m eating! Not just my wife’s delicious banana cream pie she made us all for Easter (oh man, that was good!), but carbs upon carbs every day.

Perhaps these are just coping mechanisms. After all, our world is seeing a surge in depression, domestic violence…all results of people being cooped up. Lori and I aren’t fighting more, we’re just eating!

Feeling sad? Let’s bake a pizza tonight, and then have blackberry pie à la mode for dessert!  (It’s true. I had that last week. It was delicious.)

Saturday I literally had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, leftover casserole for lunch, a bunch of peanut M&Ms (in pastel Easter colors) for a snack, and then pizza for dinner. I was full after all that, but when my daughter said, “Hey, let’s have milkshakes.” I was all in!

My wife was talking with a bunch of her friends on Zoom and they were all saying the exact same thing. “I can’t believe how much I’ve gained! I’m wearing a muumuu every day!”

Not good.

I’m admitting it publicly. I’ve gotta stop binging and stuffing my face!


One month down… how many to go…?