Which cover do you like best?

Posted on: 05/9/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Take a second and use our comments feature below to tell me which book cover you like best: A, B, or C? (I’m finishing writing this book now- it will be on the shelves in 2017.)

  • Which one would you be most inclined to buy?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Anything you don’t like? (Don’t force a criticism… just let us know if anything initially struck you weird.)

We value your comments!




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135 Replies to “Which cover do you like best?”

  1. Cover B. I like the yellow, and it’s more pleasing to the eye in the curved format than the straight on cover C.

  2. I choose A
    It grabbed me the first and subsequent times that I compared all three. I liked the yellow in the button and felt the other two options had too much yellow in them.

    Can’t wait to read it! As a mom of 4 (19, 17, 12 and 11) I have had a chance to tweak my parenting a little with my 2 younger ones. Thankfully, I don’t have too many regrets with my older teen daughters but I know there’s always room for improvement:-)

  3. Ok, I was going to say C, but as I took some time to look at them all again to explain my reasons why, I’ve had to change my answer to B. I like the yellow. The circle on B initially seemed distracting, but on the more I looked at all three of them I realized that A & C are just missing something and are too boring. So I’m going with B.

  4. Option B. Nice integration into the primary graphic, and more eye-catching than the 6,004 other books on the shelf with a subtitle in a box.

    If you went with the rectangular subtitle, I wouldn’t make the primary graphic overlap it, but move it down so it mimics a label like you would see underneath a button in real life.

  5. B
    I like the symmetry with the ring around the button. The rectangles in the others seem out of place.

  6. I like “B”. To it looks focusedand to the point. If I’m a parent looking for ideas. Or thoughts I’d purchase B.

  7. Hi Jon,

    “C” has my vote. Most visually appealling, does not introduce another color (i.e. darker blue on “A”), not busy like, “B” Easier to read full title. Sub-title in the B is hard to read.

  8. I like C, I could sure add some stories and would love to read your book. I have a 39 year old daughter and 19 year old granddaughter and a 17 year old granddaughter. And still a youth pastor. I am still learning.

  9. I like C. Several folks said that they liked the curved text on B. That is exactly what I don’t like about B! I don’t dislike A, but I prefer the color consistency of C.

  10. I know I’m in the minority here, but here’s my answer and reasoning…

    A is my favorite, as “Do Over” is the focus on that cover more than the other two. With the yellow background of options B and C, the focus is shared by “Do Over” and “7 Vital Changes I’d Make”. Also, the yellow background makes the beginning of the title “If I had a parenting” disappear.

    Just my 2ยข…

  11. B or C Jonathan; the yellow catches my eye on both of those covers compared to the A cover. I think I actually like B more as I type this, so B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I like option B the best. It felt quicker to read and know what the book is about.

  13. I was immediately drawn to B. It was more pleasing to my eye and seemed to really work together as a whole and I seemed to read and understand it quicker and more holistically.

  14. I like B but I think I would like the “If I had a parenting” part separate from the button and not tucked under it.

  15. All are very eye-catching and would attract me as a consumer. My preference is B.

  16. C: I’m a sucker for red yellow and blue. I guess I like superman…

    And the circle around the button in B looks weird to me

  17. A – the blue cover and blue box allow the Red/Yellow ‘Do Over’ to stand out.

  18. A
    I prefer “A” because I feel like “do over” gets lost in the other 2 choices. I like simplicity and I am drawn to A.

    Thanks for writing this book… And good luck writing!

    1. Thank you for being a loyal reader, Lori. It’s been an interesting writing project, melding current research and polling with the adaptations I’ve made over the years.

  19. C is the one I like. B makes my dizzy, and on A the “7 Vital Changes” banner is lost in the blue, not enough variation for my eyes. I think that the yellow banner on C seems to take care of that issue. So, again, just for emphasis: C

    BTDubs, looks like another helpful resource, can’t wait to see it!

  20. i like B but I think you should lift the words “If I had a parenting” so that none of the letters are behind the button. i think lifting the letters a little would be an improvement. I also like the font from the B image on the bottom that starts “Author and youth culture expert….” – it’s a little chunkier or wider and easier to read than the same letters in A & C.
    is that TMI?

  21. I’d say B. I not only like the yellow, but the curve around the button is a bit different than the more traditional rectangle of C.

  22. Design B.

    Nothing wrong with the others. Just the most visually appealing to me.

  23. Sorry, but I don’t care for any of them. The red “staples easy button” looks odd in the book and a “true” blue color would be more pleasing to my eyes in combination with the red. Would it help to highlight “parenting do over” in some way instead of just “do over?”

  24. First pick is “A” simple, nice, do over draws people in to want to read more. Love the title! Second pick would be “C”. Do not care for B. But none of the covers would cause me not to purchase your book. U r an amazing writer! Thanks for all u do!!

  25. B The color combination is striking and draws your attention. The curve of the circle is easy on the eyes and stands out next to other “boxy” book titles.

  26. B. I like the curved yellow that makes the circular button stand out. The only thing I would change is to move the text above the button up slightly to separate it from the button.

  27. C is the best. I don’t like the graphic layout of B. Overlapping the word parenting is distracting.

  28. I like A – nice balance and appeal. C would be a close second, and I didn’t like the overlap of B.

  29. I like B. The contrasting colors and the supporting shape are eye catching.

  30. Personally I like A. I am not a fan of reading in curves of B, and for some reason the yellow of C seems to pop more then the Do Over button. I think the Do Over button should pop more. Looking through your comments…. You could print all three and someone would buy them!

  31. A or C. I don’t care for the big yellow “smiley face” under the help button, looks a little cheesy and doesn’t accentuate the red button as much. I’d probably go for C over A since the 2 blue colors together don’t look amazing to me.

  32. I like A the best because I think with the subtitle in blue, it keeps the main title, “Do Over” as the first thing to grab the eye. It is more subtle. I definitely do not like the yellow in option B or C, and I especially do not like the subtitle curved around on option B. Finally, option B and C look like something a Trump supporter would vote for, so I staying clear away from them! (That was sarcasm, folks…)

  33. I like B the best. The curve is inviting and the yellow is cheerful and engaging. It actually made me smile when I saw it ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. C. I don’t like the smiley face looking subtitle because it doesn’t accentuate the help button as much, and I don’t care for those 2 colors of blue together as much.

  35. I am going to go with B. At first I liked A, but the more I looked, I like how the yellow accentuated the “Button”

  36. C for sure. Simple and attention grabbing is always the best for a book cover. Too much time spent on trying to read the curve in choice B. Book browsers only have limited time when out shopping for their next read!

  37. I like C. The yellow is eye-catching but stands out more than the curved version.

  38. B or C. The yellow stands out better. Although I like the look of B best, C is easier to read.

  39. I like C the best. I like the yellow – it pops, and I like that the button is over the top of the yellow box on the bottom, whereas in B the button is over the Main Title – which doesn’t look right to me.

  40. I like B
    It looks like the yellow around it is a gauge or level. That if you push the button the yellow will travel around and show your parenting levels…

  41. I like B.
    I think it highlights the sub-title well giving importance to it. Can’t wait!!!!

  42. A is more pleasing. Don’t know why…just one of those “grabs you or it doesn’t” things.

  43. A

    For me it is more readable and and all of the text pops out without “trying” to read it.

  44. I like A. The others have too much yellow, makes them seem more like an info-mercial.

  45. I like B!! I like them all but B is the best and will sell the most. Like a million copies. Remember me when that happens.

  46. I like cover C. The subtitle stands out with the yellow and it looks very appealing.

  47. B much more eye catching but black font of smaller writing not as well defined or clear as others.

  48. B, It just makes me want to see what this is all about compare to the others.

  49. No doubt about it.


    Love the design and the yellow is what pops off the shelf to me making it “eye-catching.”

  50. I’m feeling C because it pops better. I am definitely interested in reading this book as well. I appreciate your heart and your passion to help parents succeed. Thanks for helping making my ministry better!

  51. Cover C. Seems more balanced with the rectangle below the button but more noticeable in yellow.

  52. B

    I like the curved yellow. Makes me think of positivity, a smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. I think the yellow grabs your attention more, so I would say B or C. C is the ultimate one that I would choose, because it catches my line of sight more than the curved example on B. In a book store I would probably skim the first part of “B” and keep walking, where as “C” keeps my line of sight/reading and I read the whole thing. That was my first thoughts.

  54. I really like B with the curve. However, I’d move the button down just a fraction so it doesn’t cover the word Parenting. I love & have all of your books!

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