Zombie Eye

Posted on: 03/9/12 12:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I just arrived home from my 5th day straight of my right eye being poked and injected by the doctor. I’m drugged up pretty good right now, only hurts a little to look at the computer screen. I thought I’d jump on really quick to keep you all posted. Thanks for your prayers!

In short? I’ll attach a picture for you visual learners.

Yeah… eew! You can’t see the infection in the eye with your naked eye (I always found that term intriguing… I mean… when does your eye actually wear clothes???), but you can see the redness around it, plus the black and blue from all the injections around the eye—i.e. “zombie eye,” as we call it around here.

You also can’t see the rush of white blood cells clouding my vision. My vision in that eye is still a pure white fog. Been about 36 hours without it now. Doctors are continuing to try to fight an infection that started shortly after getting a couple stitches in my cornea a week ago. The infection has gathered around the bottom of my cornea near one of the stitches. The doctor pulled out the stitch today but wasn’t happy with the progress of the antibiotics they shot directly into my eye yesterday. They made some progress, but the whole debate is whether to go in and do a “punch graft” today at 3PM, which would be a whole new transplant around that section of the eye. That kind of surgery means finding some donor tissue, sewing it in, then long recovery.

They opted to wait on the surgery (whew), keep doing antibiotics, add steroids, waiting til tomorrow to see if they’ll operate. So they shot me with another needle to the eyeball today (so fun), and I’m back home now with my “zombie eye.” Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll go in for either surgery, or more injections. (Hmmmm… which is the lesser evil at this point?)

Lori said that many of you had commented and emailed. Thanks for praying. Right now I’m praying for this specifically:

  • That they don’t have to do another surgery- that means long recovery
  • That I don’t have to miss my next few speaking engagements. I’m already missing a cool LifeWay event I was to participate in this coming week in Nashville, I’m hoping to not have to miss my training workshops the weeks to follow.
  • For my family. Lori has done two nights of “drops every hour or two” with me, she’s taken me to the doctor daily, stood in pharmacy lines, etc. It’s been insane. She’s amazing. My girls are real troopers too. Alec comes home from college today to see his “zombie eyed” dad. Probably not what he expected to come home to.
  • Our ministry’s finances. If we miss a few of these upcoming speaking trips, this will set our ministry back thousands. All may speaking and training money goes directly toward our ministry, paying for my writers and web staff to keep the resources free on www.TheSource4YM.com and www.TheSource4Parents.com

God’s in charge. I always look back and see how he worked, in hindsight. So I trust him, looking into the future.

Eye is stinging again… I’m going to call this a wrap! God Bless!

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  1. I recognize that eye…. well sort of…. I ‘know’ what your going through because my brother has been through it as well. I do appreciate the new term though. I feel it’s my job as the younger brother to keep him on his toes with some humor to help deal with the seriousness and gravity of not being able to see from time to time. His iris isn’t quite as nice shapen as yours though, it’s a funky oblong shape, adding a more indepth zombie experience. All that said, I know it can be frustrating and cause some anxiety with it all. So praying that God gives you some peace in the midst of this time, and ultimately for a complete healing. 🙂

  2. jonathan,
    praying for you brotha! you mean so much to so many and we want you back in the game soon! but in the meantime rest up and take er easy.

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