Doctor’s Provide First Sign of Good News

Posted on: 03/11/12 2:38 PM | by Jonathan McKee

On Saturday I went to my eye doctor’s for my 6th day in a row… but for the first time heard a piece of good news! “I think the meds are working! No surgery needed for now.”

As the doctor moved me from one room to the other to hook my head up to yet another colossal machine, I caught a glimpse of my wife Lori in the hallway and gave her a quick thumbs up. She later told me that that little gesture was the first relief she felt in a week (Up to this point, the week had been full of nothing but thumbs downs, sad-face emoticon texts, and a frequent use of the words, “not good.”)

Apparently the multiple eye injections, my regular doses of 4 oral meds, and my four sets of eye drops are finally working. “We’re not out of the woods yet,” the retinal specialist said. “But if your eye progresses like it has in the last 24 hours for the next 24 hours, it looks good!”

Today (Sunday) we went in again and her projection was correct. The antibiotics are doing their job and now we are focusing on the prednisone to get my eye to try to take care of my cornea graft (my cornea transplant from over a decade ago). I go in again tomorrow morning (yes, my 7th day in a row) to see my cornea specialist to try to get a grasp how much damage has been done (I went from complete snowblind on Thursday to now reading three lines on the eye chart).

Bottom line: More drops and meds this week, plenty of rest… and I can slowly get back to writing, AND I shouldn’t have to miss any of my upcoming workshops I’m teaching in the next few weekends. (Do you hear that MI and NE!)

Wow! What a ride!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind comments in my blogs the last few days (even James… you turd!)

Tonight I’m going to take my own advice from my current Youth Culture Window article and rent the new Footloose, watch it with my daughters, and ask them those discussion questions the article provided about dancing! (I think my eye patch makes either makes me more intimidating or gives me sympathy points.)

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  1. OHHH!!! Praise God! I just found this out (yeah I’m slow) they other day and I’m so glad for you (and MI) that things are started to look better. We will keep praying for more improvement. Keep us posted and take CARE of you!!!

    1. Yeah… trust me. I went to church on Sunday, sick of being cooped up at home, hoping to just enjoy a little bit of worship and fellowship. All I heard was about 100 pirate and cable jokes. Sigh.

  2. For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever! We thank Him for His faithfulness to be true to His Word once again. He has brought you this far and we know He will take you the rest of the way!

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