You don’t have to give me a gift this year

Posted on: 12/19/19 12:00 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Guys! I writing to you to try to save you!

If your wife, girlfriend, female friend…anyone with estrogen running through their body…says to you, “Oh, don’t worry. You don’t have to get me a gift this year.”

Cue Admiral Akbar:

“It’s a trap!”

Don’t do it. You still need to buy something.

Yes, even if you have worked out a strict budget and you think that she’ll be mad if you buy something. She won’t. She’ll secretly be mad that you didn’t break the budget, or at least go out and shovel snow at night to earn the extra money to buy her a present!

No, I’m not trying to paint a negative picture of our women. I’m just telling you what they want. And they want a Christmas present.

Guys, we need to man up here. We need to be bigger than our budget. If money is truly tight, we can do something about it. We can skip our favorite drive-thru for a month. We can earn some extra money. Or bare-minimum, we can be creative and buy something very inexpensive that is incredibly thoughtful! (Which takes us noticing them.)

What would she really want for Christmas this year?

Can you buy it without making Dave Ramsey really mad?

Go for it!

You’ll thank me later.