Will Adam Lambert’s Antics Wake Up Parents?

Posted on: 11/24/09 1:38 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It seemed like just another typical American Music Awards. Rihanna revealed…too much, Jay Z rapped about how great he is, Shakira did her little hip thing with a mic stand (I think I saw the mic stand smoking a cigarette just moments later), Gaga… well… was Gaga. But then, to top the night off, Adam gave one of the most graphically sexual performances I have ever seen on network TV.

I’m not talking about one incident…it was throughout the whole performance. Lambert grabbed one of his dancers head and simulated oral sex, he kissed a male band member in true ‘Britney-Madonna’ fashion, dragged dancers on a leash, and even flipped off the audience. Apparently West coast audiences didn’t get to see some of the antics. (You can read more details here if you’re interested)

It seems that artists are testing the waters and seeing just how far they can push the envelope. That’s what the rest of the entertainment industry is doing (Hey! Normal sex isn’t even selling big anymore, let’s try threesomes!)

The thing that has me scratching my head is, “Why are people so shocked?” Don’t get me wrong… I’m glad that people are raising the questions as to if this is appropriate to show on TV. I’m just laughing that people have no problem with everything else we allow on TV.

Is this really that surprising?

Lambert wasn’t shy about retorting to some of the criticism, calling it a double standard since women performers have been “pushing the envelope” for decades.

Some people are definitely upset, with almost every media outlet chiming in about the incident. USA TODAY is taking a poll: entertainment, or over the top?

I definitely think it’s over the top. But so was Shakira… so were about 20 moments during the last MTV VMA’s, so is every episode of CBS’s Two and a Half Men.


Maybe this will wake up some of the parents around the world as to what we are teaching this young generation.

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