Somethin’ a lil’ different with my teenagers

Posted on: 06/4/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Rock-N-WaterWe were bored and looking for something to do for the day, something… different.

20+ years as a youth worker, I go back to my youth worker connections when I want to do something fun with my girls and their friends, so that’s why I called my friend Craig over at Rock-N-Water here in NorCal. So Monday, seven of us went white-water rafting on some Class III rapids.

So fun!!!

It’s a great resource for anyone within driving distance of the Sierra Mountains, less than an hour northeast of Sacramento. In fact, if you tell them “Jonathan from The Source for Youth Ministry referred me,” you’ll get 10% off the already crazy good price of $89 a person, which includes lunch, a professional guide, a great day of white-water rafting, and all transportation.

The day trip was fun for my kids and their friends. Alyssa brought her boyfriend, Ashley brought a friend from school, and Lori and I brought a friend. We had a raft to ourselves with our guide, Melissa. The day was amazing! So gorgeous! We all feel blessed to live so close to such amazing terrain.

The Class III rapids were so fun. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… so here’s a glimpse of us hitting some of the white water:


Great fun for families (something to say “yes” to with your kids), church groups… or even for youth pastors who want a getaway on this youth pastor couple’s retreat to hear speaker Josh Griffin.

Totally worth it! Check them out at

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  1. Good form Jon! The dude sitting next to you, however, is a different story. He needs to go to remedial rafting school. ALWAYS keep your hand on the paddle’s t-grip. I’m glad no one lost an eye and you had a great time. Love whitewater rafting!

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