Parents Adapting to Survive

Posted on: 06/2/15 5:59 AM | by Jonathan McKee

FamilyParenting is hard! Really hard. In fact, if you ever meet a parent who says it’s easy… don’t listen to them. I’m serious. They’re either lying… or they don’t have children.

Effective parenting requires a hefty learning curve. In fact, today’s parents need to learn the art of adapting and learning lessons on the fly just to survive.

I just posted a brand new article on on this very subject. It’s titled: Three Ways I’ve Adapted to Survive Parenting.

This article in no way applies that I’ve got this parenting thing perfected—quite the opposite really. It’s more of a confession of some of the life lessons I’m still learning as a parent and some tools I’ve adopted to help me survive!

Take a peek and then please pass this article on to other struggling parents. In fact, you’ll find plenty of free parenting help on our page bearing that exact title.

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