Top posts so far…

Posted on: 03/18/19 3:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

If your year has been as busy as mine… and your inbox as full as mine… then you might have missed a few things. So let me highlight a few posts you DON’T want to miss.

This year we’ve already released some really helpful articles for parents and youth workers… here’s a few really good resources already posted this year on either or :

Helping kids hear truth in a world blaring lies: 3 proactive practices parents can pursue

Oh, and I’m bisexual: and how to respond to that

The Forecast is Cloudy: Vaping Makes Huge Jump Amongst Teen Users

Why Home is the Best Location for Youth Ministry

and if you haven’t heard it yet, tune into our brand new 12 minute long PARENT TIPS podcasts, just 12 minutes talking about the latest parenting issues.

and for those of you who subscribe to my book updates email… you also saw that my new book for teen guys comes out in about a month… preorder that NOW:

The Guy’s Guide to FOUR Battles Every Young Man Must Face: A manual to overcoming life’s common distractions