The Gospel According to The Walking Dead CONTEST

Posted on: 10/18/16 4:00 AM | by Jonathan McKee

The Walking Dead NEGANThis is an exciting week for The Walking Dead fans, because this coming Sunday they will finally discover the answer to the biggest cliffhanger since “Who shot JR?”

Which one of our beloved characters did we lose?

That’s why we’re having a “Who is it” CONTEST where we are giving away a prize to literally EVERYONE who guesses correctly! (Thanks to my Zombie book publisher, The Youth Cartel for going in on this with me!)

So if you watch The Walking Dead and don’t yet subscribe to our FREE blog, The Gospel According to The Walking Dead, where we provide a Biblical discussion to each and every episode each week… then jump on that blog now and subscribe. Because only subscribers can enter this contest where literally EVERYONE who guesses correctly wins!!!

So who is it? Jump on The Gospel According to the Walking Dead right now and give us your best guess!


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2 Replies to “The Gospel According to The Walking Dead CONTEST”

  1. It’s gonna be Mishonne (have no idea how to spell her name). Everyone who falls in love with Rick dies!

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