The 7 Sins of Worship Leading

Posted on: 02/1/09 2:20 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I think I’ve heard more whining, complaining and disagreements about worship than any other subject in the church. Sad, but today’s “American Idol” mentality has been known to spill over into the worship service. As a congregation, instead of lifting our praise to God, we often listen with a critical ear, “voting off” those we don’t like.

Those of you who have used our youth ministry resources for any time are probably familiar with our THE SOURCE PODCAST. In this podcast, we almost always share the “Seven Sins of…” a certain topic. This is just a fun way to share how “NOT” to do something.

In our brand new episode of THE SOURCE PODCAST, Episode #22, I join up with the worship band Dutton as they share The Seven Sins of Worship Leading. Some of you might recognize Dutton from their recent tour at the Planet Wisdom events- they are the worship band for that conference. Others might know them as the band that played at UBC, back in the day when Crowder was out of town. These guys do a great job.

I really enjoyed this podcast. We had a lot of fun… and tackled some big issues at the same time. Anyone who leads worship or is involved in planning worship services should take a listen to this podcast.

One of the reasons I personally enjoyed this podcast is because my daughter Alyssa joined us for the recording. Great fun.

2 Replies to “The 7 Sins of Worship Leading”

  1. i am about to listen to the podcast and should probably hold my comments til then but this has been on my mind. at one time i thought having kids in my group make a band to lead worship was the greatest idea ever. they were talented and dedicated. but i noticed this with them and with tons of other bands i’ve dealt with at retreats and lockins; they never get more than 3 feet away from their instruments. not only physically. it seems like kids need something that defines them. i’m a band kid, i’m a football kid, i’m a rebel kid. and the band kid is the most dedicated that i’ve seen. this is fine but it is so tough to not make the music about them. i spoke at a retreat one time where there was literally no room on the stage for me. the speaker was an afterthought.(some speakers make it about themselves too but that’s a different matter) the best bands are the selfless ones. i think that would be an awesome name actually. “Selfless” or “the selfless” or “JFV8” which is the code i’m about to enter.

  2. i should have listened first. Dutton nails this stuff. i see why you like working with these guys.

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