Super Bowl

Posted on: 01/30/09 5:16 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Pittsburgh and who?

Those are probably fighting words in my house. My wife grew up in Phoenix, AZ. She’s not a football fan, but her dad is. And she’s a pretty big fan of her daddy!  🙂  

I’m looking forward to the game on Sunday. I have to admit, I don’t watch much football. Okay… I’ll be honest. I don’t watch any football, unless you’re using the word like they use it across the pond. Because I watch soccer, better known as “football” to much of the world (Shout out to my Manchester United!) But football fan or not, I always watch the Super Bowl. I think I enjoy it because of the social occasion. I love an opportunity to hang with family and friends, eating a lot of food! I’m especially looking forward to the hot wings we’ll be making (and consuming) on Sunday. (I’m salivating as I type this!)

Those of you who have used our ministry’s free resources for a couple years probably have seen our Super Bowl Party ideas we provide every year, including our annual quiz, a fun little element we add to the party. Take a peek at that if you haven’t seen it. It’s a great little addition to a Super Bowl Party.

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  1. i quit doing superbowl parties a couple years ago. no matter how hard i tried to make a great party or what sweet prizes i gave away, my students all had their own parties to go to, so now i sit in my own living room and watch the game all by myself – and i LOVE every minute of it. i still print off your quizzes and do them though. and the good news is i win all of my youth group door prizes every year!

  2. Just want to agree with you on today’s game, the Steelers are my favorite team and I take a lot of flack living in Patriots Country.Have a great Super Bowl

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