Surprised Once Again By MTV

Posted on: 06/3/09 9:37 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Those of you who are EZINE subscribers saw the article yesterday-it’s all over the front page of our web site. It was time for my annual recap of the MTV MOVIE AWARDS, aired last Sunday night. I recap this vulgar show every year to give us a glimpse of the easy-access programming that teenagers are watching. And every year I ask church teenagers the following week, “Did you see the MTV MOVIE AWARDS?” Over 50% say yes. 

And this year?

Wow! Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse.

I think I was the most shocked when there was a commercial for “Balls Out Comedy” coming to MTV, and they showed a skateboarder skating with “something” hanging out of his pants. It’s hard to even describe this. This is MTV… so they can’t show nudity, right? But they literally showed the words “Balls Out Comedy” across the screen, and then a video of a guy with his “junk” hanging out of his pants- pixelated, so we couldn’t see the details.

And this was just a commerical that ran during the show. The show… sigh. Plenty of “junk” in that show as well.

Catch my entire recap here.

2 Replies to “Surprised Once Again By MTV”

  1. It’s moments like these where I’m glad I can let you watch it for me;) That and I had a youth event that night…so there were a few teens who weren’t watching it.

  2. Thanks for writing your reviews about youth culture! I probably wouldn’t have known about the MTV awards if I hadn’t gotten your blog saying to watch it. So, I did. Well, I tried. I could only take it for about a half hour (the longest half hour I’ve had in a long time). I shut it off when Eminem left. Parents and youth workers really need to pull together to help our kids see why stuff like that is trash. If we don’t take the time to help them, MTV will.

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