My Son is Driving

Posted on: 06/1/09 9:20 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s official. He’s on the streets!

I took Alec to his driving test Friday. He turned 16 a couple weeks ago and had been looking forward to this day for a while now. But as any good American knows… a trip to DMV is always a unique experience.

That morning Alec was a nervous wreck. I tried to console him, assuring him that I wasn’t worried and he’d do great. He’s been driving with us (with his permit) for the last 6 months and he’s shown really good improvement. He cautious, comfortable and aware. Aside from a few “slam on the brake moments” over the months… I was pretty confident that he’d do well.

When we arrived at the good ol’ DMV we checked in and he pulled his car up to the spot where the “tester” meets you in the car and takes you on the drive. I stood outside, chatting it up with a security guard.

There were several cars in front of my sons and two “testers” were on duty. One was a middle aged lady, the other was a blonde girl that couldn’t be more than 20 years old. At first glance, I couldn’t believe she was one of the “testers.” I thought she was some 16-year-old girl getting her license.

I went to the car to check in on my son. I asked him, “did you see the two ladies testing?” His eyes got really big and he replied, “Oh yeah. I hope I get the hot one!”


I went back to the front of the DMV and stood with the guard and watched people getting back from driving tests- some happy… some not. I asked the guard if he saw a bunch of these people coming and going. He was telling me all kinds of stories- it was quickly evident that this guy had seen a lil bit of everything when it came to people passing and failing their tests. So I asked him, “What is the biggest reason people fail their tests?”

Without hesitation he listed three things. “Oh, that’s easy. The railroad tracks up the road actually have a sign telling you to stop, and people often fly right through those. Then there is a “yield” where it is written on the road- but no sign. People sometimes don’t even slow down for that either. Lastly, people pull into the bike lanes too soon for a right hand turn. People need to wait for the dotted lines.”

I thanked him for his insight and quickly passed it onto my son, still in the car waiting for his “tester” to arrive.

God must have answered his prayers… he got the “hot one.”   🙂

I don’t know if he was more nervous or me.

As he was out driving with Paris Hilton, I asked the guard, “So can you tell if the person passed or failed as soon as they pull up?”


As my son pulled up in the car, I couldn’t read his face. I snapped a quick picture with my phone. He was soooooo nervous. I looked to the guard.

The guard said, “He passed.”

Sure enough… he had zero corrections. He aced it.

Props to the “hot one.”


So watch out. My son is now on the road… and my insurance is now through the roof. Aye aye aye.

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