Today is the day… and a freebie for you

Posted on: 03/17/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

book-release-dateLast spring Bethany House Publishing set the release for both of my new books about sex for March 17, 2015, a date that seemed so far away… and it’s finally here!

In a world so full of explicit lies, I’m excited about these two resources helping us communicate the explicit Biblical truth to young people.

Please help me spread the word about these two brand new resources! Read them, and if they are a help, then tell someone else about them. Tweet about them, post a pic on Instagram when you receive them. Post a blog or a review.

I appreciate your help… in fact… here’s a little sum-something for ya…

I figure I should offer something free to celebrate this release. So here’s two opportunities to get a free book from me.

1. AMAZON. For anyone who buys one of my new books on Amazon, either MORE THAN JUST THE TALK (for parents and adult mentors), or SEX MATTERS (for teens) and posts a review on Amazon, I’ll send you any of my parenting books for free. It’s that simple. Buy it from Amazon and review it, and get one free from me.


2. MY SITE. Anyone who buys one of my new books from my site this week, just add the title SIR or LADY to the front of your name (SIR JON FOREST) when you fill out your shipping address and I’ll include a free copy of my parenting book, CANDID CONFESSIONS OF AN IMPERFECT PARENT as a thank you.

Thanks for helping me spread the word about these two new books!

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  1. Hey Jonathan,
    I bought your book, “More than Just the Talk” and have really loved it but I ordered it a while back and didn’t get a chance to add the title, “SIR” to my order. Can I still get that freebie? Because free books, like free meals, are always better. Thanks for all you do btw.

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