Remember when we looked like this?

Posted on: 08/28/18 11:18 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Remember when we looked like this?

We’ve been revamping this thing for years! And hold on to your hats… because it’s about to get even better.

In the next couple weeks you all are going to see some welcome changes around here. Many of you have noticed that both my blog and have both been completely revamped: mobile friendly, new content at the forefront, much easier to navigate. Well the youth ministry site is about to get the same revamp (longtime needed)… and yes… the best FREE game database on the Internet is still going to be free, it’s still going to have over 1,000 youth ministry games, and it’s still going to feature free training tools (which we are revamping to a page called “youth ministry help” much like our “parenting help” page) to encourage youth ministries NOT to just play games, but use games to break down walls, connect with kids and engage them in meaningful conversations about the stuff that matters.

I laughed when I saw this “flashback” version of our website. Yeah… that was back in August of 2003. The website looked like Halloween but God used this site in a mighty way to help youth workers around the world, providing them with free resources, training and encouragement.

Click around on this archived version of the site… you can actually see what articles we were writing, what resources we featured… everything. (I can’t believe some of the stuff I posted back then. The filter was off!)

Here’s another flashback snapshot of a couple years later:

Good times. (I remember those HIDEOUS HEAP contests… we rewarded the youth worker who drove the worst car!)

Wait until you see what we’ve got for you in the weeks to come!

And in the meantime… feel free to reach out to us, comment below, or email me directly and let me know what kind of resources and training would help you the most! We’re here to serve you!

Thanks for what you do for the Kingdom.

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