Posted on: 02/19/09 11:39 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s time for me to go to the great state of Pennsylvania once again (yes, speaking in PA for the second time this month). Tomorrow I fly through Chicago to Scranton, PA, where I’ll grab a car and drive to a small town called Dallas, PA and speak at a camp for the weekend.

I’ll be speaking to a few hundred middle school kids Friday night, Saturday morning and evening… and closing off Sunday morning. For those of you who’d be willing to pray… If I can ask, please pray as I’ll be presenting the Gospel on Friday night, then spending time talking about living a “real faith” the rest of the weekend. I love middle schoolers.

The weather doesn’t look half bad for PA at this time… in the teens. Still cold for this California boy! But I always appreciate prayer for my travels. It basically will take me about 12 to 13 hours just to get from my front door to the camp’s front door… then another 12 to 13 back home Sunday.

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  1. no need to post this. man, i hope there are some changed middle schoolers in Penn after this weekend. it’s pretty cool to think that you can change someone’s whole eternity this weekend. 13 hours away from home is a long time, but eternity, is eternity. now that is a way to spend your life, you eternity rocker. praying for you bro. Jon

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