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Posted on: 02/23/09 12:58 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Well… it’s just past midnight here in Cali, which means that it’s 3-something in PA. Luckily, I don’t think my body ever switched to East Coast time. I just got done with my 13 hour journey home (including layovers and drive time). My weekend speaking went well… a couple quick things to share, then I’m OFF TO BED!

First… by God’s grace a dozen kids accepted Christ. I’m always jazzed when kids put their trust in Him. This was a much smaller camp that I was speaking at, but I’m excited when just one kid makes a decision for Christ.

It was cool hearing the different leaders tell me the stories of the kids that made decisions. One of the groups had four girls stand up and make a decision. Three of them were first time decisions. The other girl said that she had only been believing in “word,” not in “action.” (Hey… she listened! Cool!) She made a commitment to make some changes and get rid of some “junk” in her life.

So praise God for those kids.

Secondly, I want to brag on a band for a moment. This is my fourth time working with this band. They are an East Coast band. Not only are they talented musically, they are humble and team players. That’s huge for me.

I spoke another camp recently where the band was VERY talented… great musicians… but they were loose cannons. They didn’t listen to a word that the camp director or I said. (Funny, when a band leader asks me, “What can I do to make the transition to you smooth?” I assume that he really wants to know! 🙂  Funny… this guy asked me the question, pretended to listen, and then did exactly what the heck he wanted!)

The band I worked with this weekend was a joy to work with. They are called Saline and here’s their web site:

I’m tired. I’m going to bed!

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  1. Hello, I was one of the campers at your weekend at camp orchard hills and you were right the band was awesome! I recorded some parts of you during your speaking, you really hit me deep with the truth. And i cannot thank you enough! (:
    In case you were wondering, I am from avalanche ministry from first baptist church in Bethlehem PA we were the group that kept jumping up and down and rocking out to the songs (: haha
    If you ever get the chance Email me at anytime, I would love to hear more that you have to say.

    You are awesome!
    Thanks ever so much!

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