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Posted on: 04/24/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee SEX  interviewThis month I’ve been busy with interviews, both radio and TV, talking about how caring adults can become young people’s “Go To” person about sex.

Sadly, we’re hearing a growing number of stories of kids who were too scared to open up with their parents about the subject of sex, but they’re looking for answers… sometimes to very embarrassing questions.

Of all the interviews I’ve done recently, here is a very helpful four-part series I did on the Canadian TV show My New Day. The series is titled, “More Than Just the Talk” (after my book of the same title), and provides parents with some helpful tips how to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations in the home. The fourth in the series was posted today, and you can watch all four online FREE right HERE. I hope this series is a good resource to you… something you could show to parents, provoking discussion after each episode.The-Sex-Talk

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