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Posted on: 06/30/09 9:10 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“I use your site all the time!”

That’s what I always hear from youth workers when I see them face to face. But it’s interesting, so many of these youth workers only seem to know about a few of our free resources. They might use our games or our Movie Clip Discussions… but they never knew we had a podcast. Or they listen to the podcast and read the Youth Culture Window articles, but they never even know about all our free curriculum and all our various forms of discussion jumpstarters.

I’m surprised how many youth workers don’t even know what the front page of our web site offers each week.

For example: look at the front page of our web site this week:  It highlights six brand new resources of all shapes and sizes.

1. A brand new Youth Culture Window article about kids going “high tech” with cheating.

2. Our OUTREACH RESOURCE OF THE WEEK (updated weekly of course, hence the name) has a brand new lesson/discussion from David using an heart pounding clip from the good ol’ film Vertical Limit. David, my director of content development, has been really revamping our MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS page lately. I don’t know if you’ve taken a peek. But EVERY movie on this page now includes small group questions, scripture, transition statements, wrap ups… everything you need. You just rent the film and we do the rest.

3. Our SPIRITUAL GROWTH RESOURCE OF THE WEEK (yes… updated weekly) has another brand new lesson/discussion using a classic clip from Bruce Almighty to provoke discussion about faith during tough times.

4. Our WHAT’S NEW? section has a new game that is perfect for “anywhere.”

5. Our THE SOURCE PODCAST page (with a link right there on the front page), our podcast for youth workers, has a brand new episode (launched just last week) with David and I answering your questions from our ASK THE SOURCE page.

6. Our A LI’L BIT PODCAST page (also linked right there from our front page), our 10-Minute Bible study for kids, has a brand new episode (launched just last week) as well!

Whew. I’m tired just thinking about all this!

Enjoy the resources. And when in doubt of where to look for what you need… always just start at the front page of

2 Replies to “New Ideas”

  1. I also use your site a lot. You have some really great ideas about ministry. But, one thing that concerns me is your view of todays media. It seems to me that many of the movies used in your movie clips contain vulgarity, cussing, sexual content, and even blasphemy (Bruce Almighty). I think you have to be extremely careful what you allow yourself to watch, and especially what you recommend to kids.

  2. Stephen, I can’t agree more about being careful what we recommend our kids watch. I’d also say, “Dialogue with our kids” about what they are watching. Build values into them that help them use discernment.

    For more on this subject, you might want to check out my article, Why I Allowed My 12-year-old to See Rated R… but Not PG-13!
    What Films are Actually Appropriate?

    You’ll find it linked at the bottom of my movie review page here:

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