Another Transformers Disappointment

Posted on: 06/27/09 9:14 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This last week our movie guy Todd reviewed the new Transformers film. Like most critics, he thought the film stunk. But I thought you’d be curious of some of the reasoning behind Todd’s assessment.

Let me back way up. A year and a half ago Todd and I did our first annual Special Movie Review Podcast, a special episode where the two of us talked about movies from the perspective of two youth workers. We reviewed some films, talked about the best “clean” films that you could actually show at youth group, etc. It was a fun podcast.

One of the memorable moments of the podcasts was when we disagreed about the first Transformers film. He loved it, and I didn’t have much good to say about it. My main concern was the subtle messages that degraded women. You can check out that podcast if you want to hear my rant.

Regardless, I was a little skeptical as I saw Transformers II approaching, its previews full of Megan Fox eye-candy.

Apparently my suspicions weren’t far from the truth.

Here’s a few comments from Todd’s review:

Megan Fox seems to only have one agenda: more sexuality. I mean, when the first time we see her and she is bent over a motorcycle with a short pair of Daisy Dukes, what are we suppose to think? And I had to laugh at the countless slow-motion-Baywatch style running scenes she had. To make it worse, we have a new Transformer that can change into a human…and of course she has to be another bombshell. She “seduces” Sam but when Mikaela finds them together in his dorm, he tries to get away…so the Transformer whips her 100ft metal tongue around his neck…

His entire review here.

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4 Replies to “Another Transformers Disappointment”

  1. I grew up watching transformer. Transformer cartoon is always about the fight between the robots. It never involved any military force from the human beings. I’m very surprised that transformer two showed US arm forces involvement in the fight. Also, it seems that the director is trying to promote US military might. I think it could tone down a little bit of the military involvement. I’m a little tired of the subtle sexual content for instance the robot balls. Lastly, Transformer betray the fans.

  2. I even wrote a blog about it as well. And i only really touched the surface of it. The blog is not much as a review of the movie as it is a review of us christians

  3. One thing that disappointed me was that only the good robots cursed throughout the whole movie. There was no reason for it and it really sends home a negative message. Those are my 2-cents.

  4. watching this movie between two guys (23 and 30) actually disgusted me – they found themselves being drawn into the temptations of the sexuality on many occasions. while i think the special effects were cool, the dialog and the sexuality left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It srsly could have done without those aspects and been a great movie.

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