Movies of 2008

Posted on: 12/16/08 9:16 AM | by Jonathan McKee

As the year comes to a close, we’re starting to see a lot of lists posted about the best movies, the most popular TV, music, websites, etc.

Last year we jumped on the bandwagon and launched a podcast where Todd and I shared our favorite films of 2007. This podcast episode was one of my favorites… that’s why we did it again this year. It launches this weekend. Check out the cool pic we took.

Todd really looks evil in that picture!  (Do you think that bowl makes my butt look fat!)

Todd and I are both movie geeks, but we don’t get caught up in all that artsy Oscar buzz. In other words… 1977 was a catastrophic year for us (Annie Hall won best picture! Come on… what film did you really enjoy more? Annie Hall, or Star Wars?) On our movie review page, Todd and I review films based on “enjoyability.” (and we also try to provide a little commentary on what we as parents should let our kids see)

This year, we not only reviewed a film together and came up with our personal five favorites of the year… we also came up with our favorite movie clip discussions from the past year. We know that many youth workers enjoy using movie clips to springboard discussion. That’s why our website provides an entire page of these ideas, most of them with small group questions, transition statements, scripture and a wrap up.

I can’t give away our favorite films of the year… but I’ll drop a hint: comic book characters were very big in both our lists this year. 🙂

Something else we did was each share our favorite films of all time! Fun stuff.

If you like movies, be sure and catch that free podcast this coming weekend on our podcast page.

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