Christmas Shopping Tips for Clueless Husbands

Posted on: 12/14/08 2:48 PM | by Jonathan McKee

There’s not much to say about our newest FOUR MINUTES video on our YouTube pageother than it’s a lot of fun!

For all the dads and husbands out there… we put together what should be advertised as The Top 10 Christmas gift ideas NOT to get your wife! I’m giving you a sneak peek at it before it is put on our front page and gets mailed out to our EZINE list. It’s poking fun at clueless men this Christmas (and ironically, it will be sure to bring in complaints from numerous women!)  🙂


 Click here if you don’t see the YouTube link above. Or here for the high res version.

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2 Replies to “Christmas Shopping Tips for Clueless Husbands”

  1. Thanks so much guys, I almost screwed up and got my wife a lamp (actual gift from 5 years ago). you saved my bacon. does Hooters take reservations? Merry Christmas guys. TOO FUNNY!

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