Lame Tweet Guy

Posted on: 04/29/11 2:03 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I think I’m going to reward some of you for Tweeting. (Wow, that sounds really weird without context) Yes, let’s have another little contest where I’ll give away a choice of any of my books in print. More on that in a minute.

Call me a hypocrite, but I’m really not much of a Tweeter. Yes, I have a Twitter page that I tweet on about once a day… but that doesn’t mean I like it! I think some people do like it. I can see the excitement of it in some of the people I follow. But I gotta admit, I’ve never been a fan of tweeting stuff like, “I’m mowing my lawn now!”

So I’ve tried to be good with my Tweets. I’ve tried to make them either funny, or informative or announcing something pretty cool. But all along, part of me still wonders, am I just that guy who’s saying, “Gotta go gas up the car now!”

This gave me an idea. My daughter Ashley and I started coming up with some really lame tweet ideas. “I just shaved.” or “I just pet my dog.” This gave us an idea!

I won’t take ownership of this… but I’ll just tell you this. There is now a guy out there in Twitterland called LAME TWEET GUY. (Hmmmmm. I wonder who he is!)   🙂      Here’s some of his tweets so far:

I just changed a lightbulb. 

Buying some new socks.

Just filled my dog’s water bowl.

Trimming my nose hairs.

Eating corn right now.

I’m going to the store to buy some romaine lettuce.

You can find LAME TWEET GUY by popping on my Twitter page here— then you’ll see him in my list of all the cool people I follow (I only follow 17 people). What can I say. I really enjoy LAME TWEET GUY’S tweets! He’s way more entertaining than me!

Oh yeah… THE CONTEST!!!! Okay… simple. I’ll give 5 people a choice of any of my books in print by simply beginning to follow either LAME TWEET GUY or me. Just follow one of us, or both of us (If you don’t have a Twitter page, take a few seconds and sign up, it’s simple and free), and you’ll be added to the running to win a book. I’ll draw 5 winners randomly next week and post them in this blog.

Well… I gotta go mow my lawn now.

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  1. Well, I love Twitter and since I was already following you (feel free to tweet some more 🙂 I decided LameTweetGuy was worth a shot!

  2. I don’t usually do much tweeting either – but for a free book, I will gladly fill my day with nonsense about Toe clippings, Romaine Lettuce, and Cocoa Puffs.

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