What kids REALLY want

Posted on: 11/16/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

What Kids REALLY want from their parentsBlack Friday is just around the corner and parents are already thinking about what to buy their kids for Christmas. What do you think kids really want from their parents?

Ikea posted a poignant YouTube video of an experiment they did with 10 families interviewing young kids about what they really want for Christmas.

The results were both eyeopening and heartwarming.

First, they asked kids what they would ask the “three kings” for Christmas. The results were as expected: a guitar, a Wii, a game…

Then they asked the same kids what they would like from their parents.

You’ll be surprised what they responded.

The video is subtitled… but you’ll definitely want to see it:

Parents can use a video like this to show their own kids and then ask:

1. Why do think so many kids responded with answers like: “Spend more time with me.” “Play with me.” “Tickle me.” Eat dinner with me more often”?

2. What does this tell these parents?

3. Do you think many kids would respond this way? What about teenagers? Why?

4. How would you have responded?

5. What is something I should know about you, but don’t?

I’d also use a video like this for a parent event. Show it to parents, then ask:

1.What was the common denominator of answers like, “Spend more time with me.” “Play with me.” “Tickle me.” Eat dinner with me more often”?

2. Why is it that all these kids seemed to want more time with their parents?

3. How should these parents respond to this insight from their own kids?

4. What would your kids want the most from you?

5. How could you be more proactive about spending time with your kids?

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