Just do you

Posted on: 07/12/18 6:35 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Next week I’ll be at a conference speaking to young people about deciphering truth in the midst of lies. We’ll be looking at several influences like social media, music and other entertainment media, observing the subtle messages they communicate.

Let’s try one.

Here’s a Diet Coke commercial you may have seen– I saw it in a movie theater before the most recent Avengers movie:

Some interesting advice:

It makes me feel good.

Life is short.

Just do you… whatever that is.

And then of course the slogan:

Because I can.

(I can’t figure out if that slogan sounds more like the answer a kindergartner responds when asked, “Why did you break all your friends crayons?” or the answer a serial killer provides.)

What did you get from this?

How do these messages compare with what we’re seeing in our culture right now?

One Reply to “Just do you”

  1. Remember that people have been saying FOREVER that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. This mantra has become, “You do you.” It is the battle cry of SJW people as well as those who don’t adhere to any religion or moral code. The problem is those actions probably do hurt someone, most likely the person doing the action. The other problem is that you do you does not apply if “you” and your beliefs are different in any way form their beliefs.This is EXACTLY what is happening today in our culture. You cannot be Christian, pro-life or even white without blowback from many directions. So this is a false narrative meant to make you believe you can, when in fact, you can’t. If it truly was only whether or not to drink diet coke, right?

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