Just Comment to Win DVDs and Books

Posted on: 06/20/11 10:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Let’s have us a little contest. I’m gonna throw 10 prizes into this one and make it really simple to win!

Here’s the skinny: we just totally revamped our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page on TheSource4YM.com last week and now we want your comments and votes! Every comment or vote you make, you get entered to win any one of my books (your choice) or a DVD of the brand new Christian comedy concert, Thou Shalt Laugh 5. Ten Prizes total (more on the contest in a minute).

It’s like this. When some people think of TheSource4YM.com …they think “Awesome game ideas!” Well… our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page just got logarithmically more awesome, because now you have a louder voice!

Let me explain. Our web guys have been working hard, revamping many of the free resources on our web site to include comment and rating features. This way, you can rate resources with 1 through 5 stars and/or comment. Our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page now has this feature on all 919 of our free game ideas. That means when you play HAPPY SHAKE and your junior highers love it, you can give it 5 stars and use our comment feature to tell us the game was a hit! (I just did!) Similarly… if you jump on our SICK & TWISTED GAMES page and choose to play CHOCOLATE DROP… but don’t organize the game so that the audience can see the action, then you might want to comment and share your experience. That way others will steer clear of the same problem.

So get to it! As you browse through the 919 different game and icebreaker ideas on our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page, be sure to add your vote and share your comments. Your voice is important! PLUS… every time you vote with 1 through 5 stars and/or give a comment, your name is entered in to win in our little contest! Hurry… time is limited! (We end the contest on July 4th, Independence Day, and post winners July 5th!)


– jump on our new GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page.

– vote 1 through 5 stars and/or comment about games you’ve tried (“This one was a hit with my youth group- but make sure and have plenty of buckets of ice! We ran out!”)

That’s it. Every time you post a comment or a vote, your name is dropped into the hopper to win!


10 prizes total: 5 DVDs and 5 books. You can win any of my books in print, or a DVD of Thou Shalt Laugh 5. Personally, I’m a big fan of standup comedy. I love the Thou Shalt Laugh concerts because it’s comedy that the whole family can watch. Thou Shalt Laugh 5 has some great comedians… my favorite being Bone Hampton (a Thou Shalt Laugh alumni. My son and I still quote lines from his previous standup. “$4.50. Bye!”) You can get Thou Shalt Laugh 5 at most Christian retailers, Amazon, etc.

6 Replies to “Just Comment to Win DVDs and Books”

  1. FYI: Your captcha thing is all messed up(at least on my computer). When you play the audio of the words it gives 5 words none of which are the ones you see. You have to type those in, not the ones shown, to have a comment work on the games.

  2. Jesse… WOW! I’ve never tried the “audio” part of the captcha before. You’re right. That is trippy! (Actually, pretty funny.)

    I use the text “captcha” every time to post comments and it works perfectly. Just use that. You just type in the words you see (and if you can’t read them, hit the little refresh button in the captcha and it will give you new ones). I just did it again and it works great.

    Sorry about the “audio” problem. I’ll get my web guy on it (after I play with it some more- it sounds really cool!!!) 🙂

  3. That is how the ReCaptcha is suppossed to function. The audio is poor an purpose and the words being said are the ones that can only be used versus the ones shown previous to selecting the audio option. This to protect the Recaptcha from being compromised by web crawlers that can listen to the audio and get past the protection. Yes hackers are very creative.

  4. Hi Jonathan
    Great website and popular in the UK with youth ministry too-Seems the messier the games the better.Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. I wanted to comment on a game but the Recaptha words were hard to dissiminate. What a great variety of game ideas that are inexpensive and keeps us in tuned with people and things other than ourselves.


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