Getting her to interact for the first time

Posted on: 03/30/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Teenagers-SmartphonesDo you ever encounter a kid who just won’t seem to engage in spiritual conversations?

I just received the following encouraging note from “Josh,” a youth worker who happens to also be a foster dad:

I wanted to share with you that our family just began your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers last night. I have a 16-year-old foster daughter who has been with us for 5 months now, and she hasn’t responded much to spiritual things. We only went through the first few opening pages of the book – setting the stage, so to speak, for future family devotionals with this – but she interacted with those pages more than she has with any other family devo we’ve done. Her reactions ranged from laughter to, “Does it really say that?”  It was fun to read with those pages with her and the other kids.

Anyway, since our family is not so typical, it is nice to have a not-so-typical devotional that we can go through together. I’m thankful that you have written it. I hope this is an encouraging reminder that God is using you for kingdom impact…even through zombie stories.

It’s so awesome to see God using this resource to impact young people.Books-for-Teens-2015-Z


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  1. Hey Jonathan!

    We have been using The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers book for the past couple of months now and the class has been awesome ever since we started using it. The students have been loving the story to discussion format for Bible Studies. This discovery was made with another one of your works in the 10 minute talks book. It was when the students actually remembered the story weeks after we discussed one of the stories, if I remember correctly it was the one where the guy bought a whole bunch of stuff for his hotel room and came back home to almost nothing.

    The students respond really well and it gets to a point where they do most of the talking to a mostly focused discussion but that’s really what it’s all about right?

    Really appreciate the work you do man, we will be soon working with the Real Conversations sessions in the summer. Looking forward to that as well. If you plan on writing up another survival guide for teenagers, I’m ordering it for sure or hey! I would even like to help make the second survival guide happen. Quite a few youth pastors I know are big fans of it because their students are.

    Thanks again for all that you do,

    < K

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