Helping leaders reach LGBTQ youth

Posted on: 05/14/18 3:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Many of you have heard the buzz… I mentioned it in my blog once prior… I talked about it on Facebook… and now it’s official. It’s happening in California November 2nd and 3rd:

Sean, Greg and I have been hearing the same questions from pastors and youth workers over the last year:

“What do I say to the kids in my youth group who say they’re ‘pan’ and the student who identifies as a different gender?”

“How can I teach God’s design for sex, a man and a woman in a monogamous relationship, when everything these kids are hearing is the complete opposite?”

“How do I respond to the kid in my small group who always brings the subject back to her new identity… and it ain’t in Christ?”

Laws are changing, culture is shifting, and pastors are struggling to know how to truly reach LBTGQ young people like Jesus would. How can we effectively point to Jesus, the only one who truly transforms lives?

That’s what this conference will tackle. Take a peek at the details and mark your calendars for our early bird registration on May 31st! Spread the word… you aren’t gonna wanna miss this conference!

3 Replies to “Helping leaders reach LGBTQ youth”

  1. Is there a chance this might be streamed? Or somehow accessed remotely? Travel for me won’t be feasible, but this is an event I would LOVE to learn from!

    1. We are searching those possibilities. Thanks for your interest Paul.

  2. Would love to glean from this streaming! Other access over the miles and in other countries would be appreciated! Thank you, Jonathon for having this heart to youth. I’m a grandmother and the Word with Agape love must go out to train the masses! L

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