Heading to Los Angeles

Posted on: 09/24/09 12:01 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Tomorrow morning I’m heading out to teach at the National Youth Workers Convention in Los Angeles, where it was 100 degrees yesterday. Good thing it’s a youth workers convention… we can wear shorts!

This convention is always a great time for me to connect with youth workers, as well as other speakers and authors. I hope to see some of you there.

My dad and I are driving down together (about 7 hours south… still beats getting on a plane! I fly across the country twice a month… if it’s in CA, I’m driving!!). In the last few years we’ve been teaching some of our NEW BREED workshops together and always have a good time. So I drag him to these conventions every once in a while just for fun. 🙂

I’ll be teaching two workshops at the convention:

1. CONNECT: Engaging One-on-One Relationships. This seminar is based on my upcoming book of the same title.

2. USING 10 MINUTE TALKS: Speaking to Generations with Short Attentions Spans. This seminar really teaches youth workers how to put together shorter, clearer talks, like the ones in my book of the same title.

If you’re going to the convention… be sure to stop and say “hi” at my workshops. I’d love to meet you face to face.

If you’ve not signed up for one of these three National Youth Worker Conventions yet, I’ll be at the Atlanta convention as well, November 20-23, teaching the same two workshops.

For our podcast listeners… we’ll be recording some podcast while at these conventions, so expect some great upcoming podcasts from us with speakers and authors that you’d love to hear from.

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